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We produce the best in class Harmoniums understanding your requirements & love for music.

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Mr. Prasanta Das, the owner of Shruti vandan has inherited what it takes from his ancestors as this is a business that's been running for three generations now and he knows how things are done! We manufacture harmoniums which sound so beautiful; people love them because they're known to be long-lasting with their mellifluous sounds ringing notes for minutes on end without tiring out or getting old quickly like some instruments can do if not played often enough... And our workshop in Kolkata provides plenty experience when dealing with such delicate matters--we have skilled personnel who know exactly what we need here.

Mon - Sun : 10:30am - 8:30pm

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We provide end to end services with our premium products.


You can choose our technicians for helping you with any harmonium service that is needed due to mishandling or being used for long time, we offer instrument repair as well. Our products are once in a lifetime quality but if you need to get it inspected or may be fine-tuned, or if harmonium bellows repair is required, then we have covered it all as a part of our services. We also go to the customers’ home to tune the instruments so that our clients are not troubled with the idea of travelling along with the instrument.


Our in house craftsmen are held in high regards for giving shape to all the customer requirements. We do have a very different approach towards the business as we believe in taking our sweet time at the manufacturing stage. All the instruments are made from CP Teak wood. We customize as per the choice and scales.

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